Why Does Weed Give Me Anxiety?

Anxiety is a mental state wherein a person suffers from worry and frustration. Though one may think that everyone is restless and worried, the anxiety that prevails for a lifetime is severely a disorder and not the general thing. Anxiety may lead one to meet the doctors. Some people suffering from anxiety tries to rely on several different drugs which are not good for their health. Certain anxieties are caused by these drugs. Sometimes consuming drugs may lead to raising the level of anxiety and also it may further its effect for a prolonged time.

Weeds and Marijuana are the drugs made from the plants that sometimes vanish off the anxiety and sometimes they make people more anxious. It depends on the individual. Sometimes this also depends upon the amount of consumption of weeds. These drugs can be smoked, eaten and used as beauty products.

weed and anxiety

  • When one starts feeling worse than feeling better after having weeds, this a symbol that weeds, instead of healing the anxiety, has caused it.
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) makes the consumer feel uplifted. This is a chemical that is found in these plants.
  • When taken into the body by any means, this THC mixes with the blood and is transported to every part of the body. It reaches the brain also. And here starts the problem.
  • Drowsiness and paranoia are the few side effects that start to become adamant. But, then if it starts hindering an individual at his living as well as the workplace, it becomes problematic.
  • The person feels terrified with the horrific flashbacks and other severe memories of the past. The person starts losing consciousness and if it prevails even after not being doped, that means – anxiety.

Anxiety is a dreary state of mind when one starts feeling worried, fearful and uneasy. This hampers their day to day life.


  • When one takes the weed in the large amount. One starts feeling high. But as soon as the effect is over, one may crave more and this leads to addiction that causes anxiety.
  • Sometimes the effect seizes to operate at the highest poi t and it is the most dangerous state of mind. The highest level of anxiety is felt.

There are a few general symptoms of weed induced anxiety that can help one to recognize the type of anxiety.

  • Severe panic attacks
  • Compulsive behaviour
  • Oppressive attitude
  • Unexplained delirium

The trauma caused by the consumption of weeds can cause serious anxiety. The anxiety caused by the weeds seems to be cured by the weeds itself. This belief ruins the whole thing. Our body gets addicted. Our mind gets out of control. And when we take it in the large amount we suffer from Anxiety. Even if we stop taking it suddenly, we may crave for it and thus be again worried and anxious all the time. It is important to know how this phenomenon works. It is important to know how to avoid the use of weeds for curing the anxiety because that would result in increasing the anxiety instead. It is very important to know how it affects our body and mind.

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