Who Can Prescribe Anxiety Medication?

Just like any other emotion fears and worries is also very natural to the human. Say it’s social or environmental conditioning, it is there to help you be a little defensive and cau’sious in dealing with a situation. But when this fear and worry start impacting normal physical and mental productivity, then this becomes an anxiety disorder.

If you feel that your reaction to any situation isn’t normal, you should consult medical professionals trained to deal with anxiety-related disorders. So, the first task is to be aware of the symptoms. Here are some of the very general symptoms that crop up at the primary stage of anxiety-related disorders.


  • If you are noticing excessive worry about any particular situation and condition.
  • You feel agitated more than normal.
  • Normal circumstances make you restless.
  • You feel fatigued
  • Lack of concentration
  • Your muscles get tensed in response to any situation.
  • Difficulty in sleep or waking up
  • You react in panic to a particular situation.
  • You have a consistent sense of fear to a particular place, thing or situation.

Once you notice any of these symptoms, you must get in touch with a doctor. Your doctor will conduct tests to find out the reason for anxiety whether it is psychiatric or it is caused by some medical condition. If it is related to medical conditions like hyperthyroidism, endocrine problems, blood-sugar level, calcium balance, or heart-related ailments then your doctor will refer you to concerned specialists for further treatment. If none is the case, then you will need an expert trained in treating anxiety disorders.

Who Should You Consult for Anxiety Disorder 

Once you know about your anxiety disorder, it is better to start the treatment as quickly as possible. You have to be very open and transparent to your consultant for an effective outcome. There should not be any trust deficit as this could seriously impact your treatment. Here is the way to start the treatment of anxiety disorder:

anxiety medication

  • Primary Physician

The treatment begins with a thorough investigation conducted by the primary physician. The idea behind this is to find the reason for anxiety, whether it is a medical condition or psychiatric. Your symptoms of anxiety could be due to other factors like imbalance in hormones, medication side effects, some ailments, or any other conditions. If it is related to your body ailments, he may start treatment in that direction or refer you to some mental health expert, like psychologists or psychiatrists.

  • Psychologist

Depending on your primary symptoms your psychologist may start with detailed counseling to find all possible details of your case history. Once he gets a fair idea about the reason for your anxiety he may start treatment to change your behavior response. S/he may prescribe some medication to relaxation and sleep. Psychotherapy works well with normal medication.

  • Psychiatrist

Depending on your disorder type, your psychiatrist will start specialized therapy. He could use a blend of psychotherapy and medication for better results. However, you need to keep in mind that the therapy works best when you make lifestyle changes as prescribed by the doctor.

Before you consult your doctor, it is better to be prepared with all possible information your doctor might require. Be open about your symptoms, situation, and occurrence. Don’t hesitate in sharing your personal life as this helps the doctor. Transparency is the key to treating anxiety disorder.

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