What to do for dogs with anxiety?

It is said that dogs and men are best friends. However, similar to human beings, dogs too suffer from stress and anxiety, but it is not as easy to detect when they go through such emotions.

Nonetheless, worry not, as there are ways in which you can calm your furry friend and provide him with the reassurance he’s expecting of you.

Symptoms you should look for when trying to figure out what to do for dogs with anxiety

 Knowing some basic symptoms helps to understand if your dog is suffering from a bout of depression or anxiety. They are –

  • Certain mild fears – Signs include trembling incessantly, having the tail tucked in, hiding as well as withdrawal to some safe spot, reduced movements and activity as well as various visible passive escape behaviours.
  • Showing signs of panic – This includes showing active escape behaviourism, injurious motor movements and random out of context movements.
  • Certain classic and obvious signs of the sympathetic autonomic nervous system such as diarrhoea and a lack of appetite.
  • Showing anxiety – Harming self – such as biting and licking self.

What to do for dogs with anxiety

Dogs with anxiety

·         Reassess and reexamine your whole schedule

Your primary concern should be how to make your pup feel calm and reassured, and that need not require exorbitant spending always. Try to follow a fixed schedule of when you leave and return when you feed your dog, take him out for a walk and when you devote time for playing. This will help to calm down his stress levels as he will begin to anticipate activities with you since he’ll be aware of when to expect it (or at least develop a habit which will make him understand when something is to happen).

·         Play some soothing and relaxing music

Believe it or not, dogs have a pretty decent taste in music. Genres ranging from soft rock to reggae, they enjoy it all. You could also try out instrumental and classics such as Beethoven or Mozart of Tchaikovsky. Music therapy not only helps your dog relax but also calms him down in general. Through A Dog’s Ear is one site which has music specifically made to calm an anxious dog.

·         Opt for a Thundershirt

A Thundershirt is basically a tight-fitted garment which wraps around your dog, making him feel warm and fuzzy. The idea behind this garment is it provides a continuous pressure which provides comfort and helps to calm the nerves. Although there isn’t much proof as to whether this may actually work 100%, it is worth trying. It all depends on the nature and personality of the dog and also upon when it is used. However, it is worth using and giving a shot.

·         Try to distract your dog

If you notice your dog getting worked up or nervous due to thunderstorms or firecrackers or even in the presence of too many people, distracting him is the best way out. Working your dog’s brain will help him to focus on you as well as on things he is familiar with rather than focussing on all that is unknown to him or he is unfamiliar with. Although it might not work, try playing some new tricks with your dog, rewarding him for the same.

·         Use CBD oil for your dog

Not knowing what to do for dogs with anxiety can be unnerving. However, using the CBD oil helps in anxiety and works through the endocannabinoid system. This process attracts the CBD compound, distributing it throughout the nervous system providing relief and aid to those parts of the body that require it. The CBD compound enters the brain cells and releases serotonin which calms your dog down and helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

·         Give your dog a relaxing massage

Just like human beings, dogs too enjoy a warm and relaxing massage. It helps to relax and calm the nerves of your canine and long and slow strokes help to soothe the dog. You can opt for the Ttouch, a massage method which has been created by Linda Tellington-Jones.

According to this massage method, you are supposed to pet your dog in a circular motion of the fingers as well as hands, all over the dog’s body. This massage helps to activate the functioning of all cells and also helps to awaken the dog’s cellular intelligence. Also, massaging your dog in this manner helps to calm your own nerves too, making it a win-win situation for both.

·         Using Rescue Remedy and supplements

Dogs with anxiety

Although natural solutions are always more opted so as to avoid side effects as well as any other discomfort to your dog if you feel that it would be better to consult with a veterinarian – especially if you’re willing to opt for supplements, even if they’re natural.

Rescue Remedy is a well-known solution for those who look for herbal supplements, to cure anxiety. They use a mixture of natural herbs as well as flower extracts that help to calm the nerves and soothe your dog. This can also be considered a good alternative, to calm your dog.

What to do for dogs with anxiety, is one question which will depend on whether your dog actually has a tough time accepting your absence. Most dogs begin to enter a pattern based on your everyday lifestyle.

However, even the calmest dogs may have a nervous breakdown, depending on its acceptability. Know that panicking when you wonder what to do for dogs with anxiety, isn’t a solution because it makes it worse for the canine. Stay calm and composed and try to hug and pet your dog, assuring him that you are around and are not leaving. Although unnerving, your helpless canine looks up to you for comfort, so following the above suggestions will help to calm your dog and in the process calm you down too!

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