Is Anxiety covered under ADA? 

The mental illness has taken deep root in our society. Anxiety has become a common thing today. The symptoms, though not all, of anxiety, can be traced in each individual. Some are capable of controlling their distress whereas many fail to do so. Anxiety is an emotional state of the human mind that is characterized by the restlessness and hallucinations in the person having this feeling. Though anxiety seems to be a nonserious issue on the medical ground, yet if not taken care of in its initial stage, it may lead to serious mental traumas and stresses.

What is the ADA?


The Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) is a law that prohibits discrimination based on disabilities in American society. This is a kind of civil rights law that enables the individuals under it to get public facilities for their disabilities both in their workspace as well as their public space.

What does it include?

The Americans with Disabilities Act includes both physical as well as mental disorders. It also includes both permanent and temporary disorders.

  • Autism
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Epilepsy
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Almost all other mental disabilities that show the symptoms under no medication.

Anxiety, which is considered a mental illness for the few reasons discussed below, has been considered as a disability under the ADA. The ADA tries to help the person with a disability get a proper opportunity to avail jobs without any discrimination charged for their insufficiency due to their disability. The following are the criteria that enable anxiety to be considered as a mental disorder under ADA.

  1. The person with anxiety would not be able to focus on their jobs all the time.
  2. Anxiety makes the person restless and this behaviour may be considered inappropriate in a workspace.
  3. Anxiety disorders can be of many kinds.
  • Panic Disorder

A person with this kind of disorder may suffer from sudden random panic attacks. May be sometimes a minor heart attack.

  • Social Disorder

This is a kind of disorder when the person gets humiliated by overthinking about himself being judged by the public.

  • Specific phobias

A person may suffer from the fear of height, force, or some other things.

The inclusion of the Anxiety under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has proved to be a great act of civil justice to the people suffering from anxiety. Everyone has a responsibility towards them. They too are a part of our society and they too need job and space to accommodate themselves. One might object to the fact that Anxiety should not be considered to be a severe disorder that needs special attention.


Almost everyone is horrified and worried today for some of the other reasons. The fallacy in this counter-argument is that it treats everyone the same. The ADA has argued that people with anxiety are adversely affected by their behaviours. Anxiety is not the simple tension that everyone carries but a special condition of mind when the mind behaves unconsciously in an inappropriate manner. Anxiety is included under ADA as the disability giving them their rights to their accommodations in an appropriate environment.

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