How to tell if I have anxiety

Anxiety can be very uncomfortable and most of the times a very unpleasant feeling. It can make you feel so lazy, so scared, so anxious, that most of the times, getting out of bed can get difficult. Anxiety is different for different individuals. Yet, few of the symptoms are common for everybody. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming and sometimes a difficult situation to deal with. How to tell if I have anxiety issues is a big question among people dealing with it.

What does anxiety mean to you? It is just another mental illness or something that is too overwhelming to just express in a few words. Well, technically anxiety means the intense, excessive and constant fear and worry about everyday situations. Anxiety is a pretty normal, sometimes healthy and often expressed emotion. However, getting anxious regularly can give rise to anxiety disorders.


What are anxiety disorders? It’s normal to feel anxiety sometimes, like going to the first of school or going for your job interview. It’s healthy even because it motivates you to do better in school or the office but if that feeling constantly lingers with you, it becomes very unhealthy and a huge problem. The constant worry and fear will be you at all times and this is what anxiety disorders are.

 Some examples of anxiety disorders are:-

  • Panic disorders- regular panic attacks at the least unexpected or unknown times can cause panic disorders and a person suffering from panic disorders live in the fear of next panic attack which gives him/her major anxiety issues.
  • Phobia- it is an excessive fear of any specific things, animals, object, situation or activity.
  • OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder- it is a condition in which the person is compelled to perform certain set of activities in a repetitive manner. There are three stages to this. The third one is extremely dangerous to the internal and external environment. It is pretty rare compared to the others.
  • Separation anxiety disorder- this fear of being away from the family, loved ones and friends. This not just being home-sick. Thus it is more than that. You start worrying about them and start fearing that you might lose them.
  • Illness anxiety disorder- you start to worry about your health. You fear that your health will soon deteriorate and get really anxious about it.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder- also called PTSD. This is anxiety followed by a very huge emotional trauma or something very tragic that happened in the past.

Here are some common symptoms of anxiety:-


  • Trouble concentrating- be it at school, office or at any place of work and not being able it pay adequate attention to it because you’re constantly worrying that something might go wrong.
  • Difficulty falling in sleep- failing to get an adequate amount of sleep can have a very bad effect on your health. Following a sleep schedule is a must. Overthinking and fear keeping you up all night must be tiring and unhealthy.
  • Increased heart rate- the fear of something going wrong is always lingering. Caffeine increases the heart rate which has a negative impact on the anxiety of the person
  • Restlessness- a very uncomfortable feeling which will not let you sit quietly. You’ll always end up fidgeting with your hands or just breathing very speedily.
  • Low appetite- often, anxiety can lead to a decrease in a person’s appetite. This can hence even lead to eating disorder.
  • Trouble breathing- panic attacks often lead to difficulty in breathing or even viewing things. Most often people experience blurry visions when they differ with panic attacks.

How to tell if I have anxiety?

Sometimes most people find themselves lost trying to find answers to the questions ‘how to tell if I have anxiety ’and ‘how I tell if I have an anxiety disorder’.

  • Well, the symptoms are clear. Though few symptoms can be found only in a few individuals, the other common symptoms are few ways to find out if you have anxiety.
  • There are a lot of stress relievers for getting rid of anxiety. A great way of reducing anxiety is by meditating and working out. Working out is a great way to relax and calm your mind as well as your body.
  • If you try all methods to overcome anxiety and none of them works, it is advisable to get yourself checked by a professional doctor as it can lead to hazardous risks in the near future.

Note– when you experience a panic attack, try finding 3 things that you can see, 3 things that you can hear and three things you can touch. This is a great way of taking control of your body when you start losing yourself.

The bottom line, anxiety can be very stressful. Sometimes it can take one’s complete energy leaving them feeling tired and exhausted. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. Everybody gets anxious. Feeling scared about the future is normal. However, it is always best to try overcoming anxiety by finding solutions that can heal you heal.

Few ways to overcome anxiety are-

  • Spend more time with yourself and learn all about yourself.
  • Facing your fears is one of the best ways to overcome anxiety. Since most of our anxious, because we’re scared, the best way to overcome it is by facing fear.
  • Stopping consumption of alcohol is another great way of overcoming anxiety.
  • Eating healthy will not only keep your body healthy but will also keep your mind healthy.
  • Read more spiritual books. If you’re having a tough time overcoming anxiety, read or do things that motivate you and make you happy.

Hence, the above article should answer your question of ‘How to tell if I have anxiety’.  Anxiousness isn’t necessarily a bad thing and we should learn to embrace it.

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