Experiencing anxiety and stress is quite common today. It is an obvious emotion and reaction to tense situations and problems in life. It is inevitable in a normally stressed scenario. However, it becomes an anxiety disorder when all the worrying and stressing out gets out of control. When a person becomes excessively stressed about situations that do not need as much attention that is when anxiety becomes a hindrance in life.

Stressing about things degrades the quality of life and interferes not only with everyday work but also with personal relationships. There is another part of life that anxiety and stress may damage in the long run. The sleep cycle is hampered to a huge extent in most of the cases where a person is suffering from anxiety. So, how to calm anxiety at night?

Why is sleep important?

Getting enough sleep every day is an important part of life. Having healthy sleep habits is a necessity for everyone. Sleeping on time, waking up on time and enough number of hours is very significant. Sleep deprivation is both a cause and an effect of anxiety. If a person is stressed, he or she finds it difficult to fall asleep. On the other hand, if a person is sleep-deprived for any reason, their nervous system is affected adversely and that again causes anxiety. Sleeping is a vital part and a basic need for a healthy life.

Sleep is important because how well a person can function while they are awake depends on how well they slept the night before. The process of staying awake and going to sleep is controlled by an internal ‘body clock’. Typically, this clock should follow a 24-hours rhythm, the time of sleep being fixed by the clock for each day. If a person is not getting enough sleep, or they sleep at the wrong times of they don’t sleep enough the clock is disrupted. Disruption in sleep disturbs the psychological processing of the mind and in turn, affects the body.

Sleep deprivation- a disease:

These days, sleep deficiency has become a worldwide epidemic and is increasing among people like wildfire. It has become a common public health issue and many children and adults are suffering from this. Most of this sleep deprivation comes from anxiety. School students are anxious to complete the schoolwork which is becoming a bigger burden every single day. Adults are anxious to face new challenges of this age like global warming, economic recession, and complicated personal relations. This anxiety can hit strongly at night time. During the day, people might get busy with their work and life and sometimes forget about other worries of the world. But at night, when the mind is most peaceful and ready to shut down, anxiety creeps in.

Causes of sleep deficiency:

Different thought processes hit differently individuals in their own separate ways. Some might start over thinking about the present. Others might start planning and worrying about the future. And the way that most of the people have found out to deal with this anxiety and shift their minds is by relying on TV Shows and Movies. Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. have become an escape patch for people and they spend most of their alone-time in watching videos on these sites.

Yes, TV Shows are good, when it comes to change of activity and they are definitely a good pastime. But watching them at night-time can cause nothing but harm to the human body. As these shows are addictive, people don’t even realize how much time they have lost in watching them and sometimes even fall asleep while watching the shows or movies. This is not healthy because the mind is not at peace while sleeping and there are chances you might wake up to nightmares or just randomly in the middle of the night in an anxious state. After that, sleeping again becomes very difficult.

How to calm anxiety at night?

As anxiety has grown to become a common episode at night, we need to know how to calm anxiety at night. A patient suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder has to know how to calm anxiety at night because bouts of anxiety can come at any point of time without any prior notice. The same goes for a person who has regular panic attacks. Treating night-time anxiety and addressing the root causes of anxiety can help a lot in improving the quality of life.

It has been seen that taking cognitive behavioral therapy has helped a lot of patients improve sleep time, quality and latency. This therapy suggests patients to talk with professionals who try to figure out the underlying problems in a human being and try to find ways to deal with them. Doctors are the best people who can suggest you with ways on how to calm anxiety at night. It becomes frustrating for some people when as soon as you get down to sleep, negative thoughts or worries about the future fog up you’re their minds.

Doctors have suggested various ways as to how to calm anxiety at night. One should try meditation as it not only helps the mind to fall asleep as soon as possible but also helps in navigating through the daily work with ease. There are many apps available on smart phones that provide guided meditation at night and help you in falling asleep quickly. Adding exercise to your regular routine is also beneficial. Anxiety might be caused if the person has a lot of energy in his or her body but no channel to direct it through. In this case, exercising helps in wearing out the person and balancing the person’s body which can be taken as a good sign to calm anxiety at night.

Aromatherapy and anxiety

Any person suffering from anxiety at night time should try taking up a good and healthy night time routine, something that they can follow every day, just before the lights go out. This can be playing quiet and soothing music or reading a book or taking a bath with essential oils (Aromatherapy). It has been seen as one of the most recommended remedies to calm anxiety at night.

It is highly suggested that a person should not lie awake in bed. If you wake up at night while having a panic attack, it is suggested to breathe in and out slowly as it reduces heart rate and calms the nerves. Coldwater should always be kept on the bedside in case you wake up all sweaty with panic and fear and small sips of it should be taken to relax.

 If you’ve lied awake in bed for more than 20 minutes, it is suggested that you get up, switch on dim lights and do some peaceful work. It can be relaxing by drinking chamomile tea or other herbal teas or read books. Looking at screens, basically using your mobile phones and laptops should be avoided as the light from the screens signal the brain to get up rather than making it go to sleep.


Basically, happiness and inner peace is the key to relieve from stress and sleep deficiency. Having a positive mindset is extremely important to calm anxiety at night as well as in the day. One should not wait to hit rock bottom before asking for help. Help and care are always there for those who wish to seek it. Sleep is a crucial entity but it can sometimes become a nightmare for anxiety-prone people. It is essential to learn how to calm anxiety at night, even if no one is around because anxiety and panic attacks can come at any point in time. A healthy sleep cycle is a route to a healthy and stress-free life.

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