Does Smoking Weed help Anxiety?

The human brain is as mysterious as the universe. It evolved perfectly to help humanity survive through challenges with a balance of fear and courage. You lead a healthy and productive life until the balance is intact. The moment this balance tilts towards fear your emotional and physical behaviors changes and you start behaving abnormally. This fear-induced abnormality is called anxiety disorder. We all suffer from anxiety in one form or the other, but the intensity, frequency, duration, and control varies.

If you notice symptoms like a high heartbeat, excessive sweating, palpitation, panic in a particular situation, then you should consult your mental health professional. Anxiety is linked to the central nervous system as we feel pain, pleasure, and the sense of well-being related to a particular situation. Several chemicals come into action with changes in thought and action. Anxiety treatment involves the use of depressants in medication so that neurotransmitters could regain the normal balance and bring behavioral normalcy. Natural substance like weeds or grass has natural compounds that act exactly like the normal depressants.

Thanks to the legalization of this ancient miracle, now several people are coming out in open to share their personal experience of weed smoking and how it helps them manage anxiety. Although the scientific community is split on its benefits, they agree on the common point of the effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD) in the functioning of neurotransmitters.

Smoking Weed and Anxiety 

wees for anxiety

Weed, also known as cannabis or marijuana, is a part of the cannabis plant and is popular for its used psychoactive ‘high’ effect, mainly due to compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). There are 65 other cannabinoids present in weed. So, it is very difficult to know which compound plays what role in influencing mood and behavior. The main role of depressant is played by cannabinoids (CBD) which are highly effective in treating anxiety symptoms.

  • According to a study, published in 2014, smoking weed boosts the production of endocannabinoids in the amygdala area of the brain. This part of the brain controls emotion and “fight or flight” response. The increased dose helps in controlling anxiety.
  • It is perfectly natural and has no side effects. The challenge, however, is the control as people start pushing harder for higher doses and this invites several; mental health issues including anxiety.
  • People on weed report memory loss in the long run. People suffering from post-trauma stress disorder (PSTD) find it effective as they slowly erase the painful memory. Again, the challenge is the dose control as people get tempted to try a high dose for a quick remedy, which usually backfires.
  • Smoking weed helps people get better sleep. This, in turn, helps them regain the mental energy to better cope with anxiety.

weed and anxiety

There are many benefits but it still requires sanction from the scientific community as they far from unraveling the mystery of this natural miracle. It is always better to consult your mental health professional and openly discuss your anxiety-related issues. He may prescribe some legal CBD medication which could be more effective and you will save yourself from the worry of smoke.

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