Does Masturbation Help Anxiety?

Humans are anatomically and psychologically wired to seek sexual pleasure. Masturbation is one such activity that is practiced by all humans to self stimulate for ejaculation. Unfortunately, this sexual activity of self-pleasure gets linked to mental health issues, like guilt related anxiety or mood disorders.

Does Masturbation Help Anxiety

Despite being the most fundamental evolutionary requirement of recreation, numerous social taboos make any sexual activity look unethical and immoral. Studies suggest that anxiety from masturbation stems from a sense of guilt created by cultural, social, spiritual or religious views. This anxiety leads to some mental health issues and can cause sexual dysfunction.

Some studies found some link between frequencies of masturbation and level of anxiety suggesting that the higher the frequency of masturbation the higher the level of anxiety.

Masturbation is a perfectly safe activity and has several benefits, but social taboos make people feel guilty this results in anxiety and some disorder. To deconstruct the masturbation and depression myth, a 2018 study suggests that masturbation isn’t linked with the development of depression but if in depression one might feel reduced libido.

Benefits of Masturbation

benefits of masturbation

Human anatomy doesn’t understand social stigmas. Despite socio-religious restrictions, the act of self-stimulation is practiced by almost everyone in one form or the other. Thankfully, all major studies unequivocally suggest that there are several benefits in self-stimulating exercise. Here are some of the major benefits of masturbation:

  • Hormonal Trigger 

The act of masturbation activates the hormone dopamine, this results in an increased sense of feel-good. This heightened pleasure improves your mood and affects other behavioral responses. Interestingly, researchers have found oxytocin, which is released during orgasm, lowers the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ levels.

  • Better Sleep

Apart from dopamine, and oxytocin, masturbation triggers the release of endorphins and prolactin. All these hormones work in conjugation to relax your mind and body. Your relaxed mind and body bring better sleep. This, in turn, helps you improve metabolism.

  • Better Sex Life 

Most of the sex-related problems are linked with orgasmic pleasure. Masturbation could help you hit the orgasm during sex as you know how it feels to be in the climax. One study with women subjects concluded that those who masturbated had a better orgasmic pleasure during sex and had greater sexual satisfaction.

  • Better Sex Drive

Researchers have found a very strong link between self-stimulation and the level of sex drive. People practicing masturbation reported improvement in sex drive, including desire, arousal, and lubrication and of course the orgasm.

  • Esteem Booster

Since you feel good, get better sleep and enhanced sexual pleasure, you feel a significant boost in your self-esteem. You feel confident to take on challenges.

We all are social animals so it is very natural to get infected by social viruses related to masturbation. If you have any negative feelings regarding masturbation, you just need to activate your scientific brain and let it work biologically as it understands your body better. If you are in the trap of guilt or anxiety, it is better to talk about it with your friends and seniors. If the problem persists, consult your doctor and seek help. Of course, overindulgence and obsession could lead to some sexual disorder, so it is not the act but the control that matters.

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