Can you die from an anxiety attack?

Before we talk about “can you die from an anxiety attack?”, first we need to talk about ‘What is anxiety? Anxiety: It is a sudden, excessive and persistent fear or it may be any thought that comes due to everyday situations. It may be normal and healthy thought or feeling which eventually due to sudden increase in that particular thought or feeling that you will feel tense, worried due to which physical changes, i.e. Increase in Blood pressure, Sweat, shaking of body parts, nausea, confusion, dizziness, difficulties in speaking and breathing problems.

Anxiety is a normal feeling, but generally, people correlate it with a heart attack but anxiety is completely different despite common causes of both. It is because the heart beats rapidly and sometimes people feel like they have a breathing problem and they are going to die. While some of them have a mixture of feeling like impending doom or self-doubt due to which some feel shy, embarrassing or discomfort to express it while sharing it with family, friends and professional concern person.

Common causes of anxiety: 


  • Environmental Element: Generally in this type of anxiety disorder is due to surrounding it may be persons surrounding or nature due to which anxiety increase suddenly like stress due to some personal relationship, school, college, professional or financial whether gain or loss, it can sum up very good amount to anxiety disorders, even due to high altitude region as there is lack of oxygen.
  • Medical factors: Due to medical condition or sudden change in the health of a person or some known to it due to which person thinks of it and there occurs sudden change due to which anxiety disorder occurs it may due to side effects of mediation, stress from serious medical illness or symptoms of the disease.
  • Genetics: It may also be generally seen due to genetics, as if there is someone in your family having anxiety disorder then it is likely that young ones may also prone to this.
  • Physiological: Too much stressful and tensional thoughts can alter the brain structure and its function towards the situations due to which person reacts more vigorously to tackle the situation but due to anxiety it can sum up to the failure towards it and hence anxiety disorder occurs.
  • Withdrawal from illicit substances: When there is the stress of day to day life and suddenly any of other anxiety disorder causes added to it then it may serve as a major key contributor to it.

Sometimes, anxiety disorder occurs as the result of third parties, such as due to partner that may be business or a life partner, or an employee but this anxiety order happen more when the person demotivates themselves by telling them more worst is going to happen or this must be meant of me due to which anxiety disorder develop as a stimuli to its response.

For example, if a person responds to it by consumption of alcohol or having illicit substance leads to increase in anxiety can lead to a high level of risk and in other way around we can say that you can die from an anxiety attack.

Symptoms of anxiety:  Based on anxiety disorder, symptoms can be divided into 2 types:



  1. Feeling shortness in breath.
  2. Palpitations accelerated heartbeat.
  3. Shacking of body parts.
  4. Crumpling while speaking.
  5. Feeling of choking.
  6. Chest in pain.
  7. Feeling lazy, unsteady, faint, dizzy, light-headed.
  8. Heat sensation or chills.


  1. Fear of losing control over the mind by speaking or acting toward the situation due to anger or anxiety.
  2. Fear of dying.
  3. Sense of feeling alone by being detaching yourself from surrounding or overthinking, negative thoughts or observing from outside the body.

Precautions to an anxiety attack:

As the anxiety is on the peak it may feel to you that it is never-ending and you may think that theirs is nothing you can do except to wait it out but there are some techniques you can to get over the anxiety attack.

  • Have a plan in place: No matter what you were doing and what your mind is talking to you, you must have one place is the most important thing. You can just think of your plan as you must apply instructions to your mind to do while having an anxiety attack. One plan can be taking yourself out of the environment you are currently, by sitting down, having a call with your friend family, walk with your child or pets and if you are driving enthusiast you can drive your favorite vehicle and take it out for a mile.
  • Deep Breathing: Shortness of breath is one of the major symptoms of anxiety attack that you may feel that you are going to burst, frantic and out of control. So while having the shortness of breath you must acknowledge it as a symptom of an anxiety attack and which is temporary too. So you must start taking a deep breath in a pattern of four seconds and hold it for second and the release it in a total of four seconds, repeat this pattern multiple times till your breath comes back to normal.
  • Repeat a Mantra: One must feel awkward doing this but repeating the positive, an encouraging mantra can excel out all the negative thoughts from your mind and eventually a person will come out of the anxiety attack.
  • Muscle Relaxation techniques: In the middle of anxiety attack you must feel that you are losing your patience, control over body, senses but Muscle relaxation techniques help you to get over it and you will feel like you are having your control back. You can do Progressive muscle relaxation like clenching your fist, and then feet have and similarly clench each muscle group.
  • Focusing on an object: Just find an object in front of you and notice every small detail about it like its size, color, patterns, odors and think of it where you have seen like this. This will helps you to get over the anxiety attack by focusing your mind out of it.

Hence the answer to the question can you die from an anxiety attack is still uncertain as you may or you may not die. It entirely varies from person to person, and his or her strengths.

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