Anxiety Disorder: A myth which does not characterize stress disorders

Being characterized by a series of mental disorders, anxiety disorders are caused by intense feelings of fear and anxiety. It is rather considered to be a worrying disorder involving fear for a series of current events. This situation can lead to events like having a rapid heart rate along with shakiness. A number of anxiety disorders like specific phobia, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder have been identified by their symptoms. Earlier, they were also tagged as disorders “which does not characterize stress disorders”, but recently according to research, it has been found out that these situations arose as a reaction to stress.

It has been finally generalized that anxiety tends to be the response of stress. Stress usually refers to a situation where any demand is placed on one’s mind or body. And this situation can itself get triggered by feelings of frustration and nervousness. Here, anxiety comes into action. It is a feeling of worry, unease, and fear. It occurs mainly in those groups of people who are unable to identify the causes of their stressful situations.

stress disorders

If seen from a psychological point of view, both stress and anxiety can be considered good. In the short term, they are recognized for providing the endurance to overcome any difficult situation or challenge. A few examples of everyday anxiety and stress include feeling nervous for your upcoming test, being humiliated or feeling of embarrassment in social media, worrying about finding a new job or shifting to a new place. It has been seen that changes in people’s lives often lead to stressful situations. People unable to adapt to these situations indulge themselves in continuous worrying, over thinking which finally leads to sleepless nights and other symptoms of anxiety.

How can one tell if he is suffering from anxiety and stress?

This can be found out by referring to a number of physical and psychological symptoms. Though people usually undergo situations of both anxiety and stress differently, the common symptoms have been enlisted down:

  • Strong cramps in the stomach. In other words, suffering from stomach ache.
  • Tension in the muscles.
  • A shrill pain in the head.
  • Rapid increase in breathing.
  • An increase in the rate of heartbeat.
  • Excessive sweating.
  • Shaking of hands, legs or body.
  • Feeling of dizziness.
  • Frequently urinating.
  • A change in your appetite.
  • Having trouble while sleeping, or doing any other work.
  • Acute diarrhea.
  • Feelings of fatigue and exhaustion.

People who have undergone long periods of both anxiety and stress may experience harmful health outcomes. Heart diseases are very likely to happen. In added to this, they may also suffer from diabetes, increase in blood pressure or may even develop panic disorders or can go into depression.

What are the main causes of both anxiety and stress?

stress disorder

For most of the population, both anxiety and stress are a part of their lifestyle. They usually come and go. After a depressing situation of events, they automatically go away. But, one needs to be aware of its consequences. This will make them cautious of the situations, they are struggling through.

The main stressors are:

  • The feeling of nervousness before starting a new job.
  • The fear of moving to a new place.
  • The fear of consequences of an illness or injury.
  • The feeling of worry for a sick friend or family member.
  • The sudden death of your closed ones.
  • The feeling of nervousness before getting married.
  • The overwhelming feelings before having a baby.

List of drugs and medications to heal anxiety

It is always recommended to avoid consumption of such drugs that contain stimulants. These stimulants possess the tendency to make the symptoms of both anxiety and stress even more. It has been observed that regular intake of illicit drugs, caffeine, cocaine, and even alcohol can lead to worsening of one’s situation.

A list of medications has been mentioned below which are believed by doctors to make one’s situation more hectic and difficult. They are:

  • Medications related to thyroid.
  • Asthma inhalers can also result in worsening the condition.
  • Intake of diet pills.

Different types of Stress and Anxiety disorders

Both anxiety and stress are common. They can result due to the effect of different types of the stressor. It has been found out that people undergoing situations of anxiety indulge themselves in feeling anxious and stressed on various subjects. The different types of anxiety disorders are:

  • GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder: This refers to a disorder caused due to excessive and constant worrying. This disorder can cause people to worry about their life events or loved ones. Sometimes, it may also happen that they might not be able to figure out the cause of their worry.
  • A panic disorder: This refers to a situation which results in sudden panic attacks. This is usually caused due to moments of extreme fear. The disorder can also be accompanied by shortness of breath, fear of future or excessive pounding of the heart.
  • PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: This situation results in causing flashbacks. It also causes anxiety which can be a result of a traumatic experience.
  • Social phobia: This type of anxiety disorder refers to a situation that causes extreme feelings of anxiety. This mostly occurs to an individual when he is asked to interact with others.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: This situation refers to having repetitive thoughts or the fear of not completing a ritual.

How can both anxiety and stress be managed?

Certain changes in one’s lifestyle can assist in leading a normal and unstressed life. They include:

  • Sticking yourself in eating a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Limiting yourself for the intake of alcohol or caffeine.
  • Indulging yourself in getting enough and sound sleep.
  • Involving yourself in exercising daily.
  • Involving yourself in daily mediation.
  • Compelling yourself in taking out some time for your hobbies.
  • Noting down your everyday feelings.
  • Practicing how to take deep and long breaths.
  • Keeping a track of the factors that may result in stressful situations.
  • Talking to someone about your problems.

So, this was a brief view of stress and anxiety. As both go hand in hand, one must make sure to involve himself in such a lifestyle that can bring out the positive aspects of his life and can help him to stay healthy.

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